Which is the best place to buy tensile fabric structure in Delhi? — December 26, 2017

Which is the best place to buy tensile fabric structure in Delhi?

No one can deny the vast range of benefits offered by a tensile fabric structure. They are not just known for their unmatched flexibility, translucency, durability, strength and aesthetics but are also renowned for their relative ease of installation and maintenance. Of course, a frugal cost is another cherry on the cake. But for all its advantages, choosing the right product is still a hard nut to crack. Have you been searching for the best tensile structure in Delhi? Come to us.


Perks of purchase

  • Expert guidance and assistance in design decisions – the sheer range of choices available for a tensile fabric structure is enough to split anyone for choices. While they’re many online portals that can help you get an Idea about different design options, nobody does it better than us. Apart from supplying you the finished product, we make it our endeavor to assist you in choosing the best style option. After all, we don’t construct something new every now and then, do we? So, why choose mediocre if you can get help to choose the best?
  • Standard and customizable design options – when it comes to style and design of a tensile fabric structure, there’s virtually no limit. While there’re many standard design options to choose from, not all can meet our requirements or satisfy our desires. To help you choose the design of your choice, tensile fabric structure provides you with an option to customize the standard designs.
  • Top quality finish – for us, quality is paramount and to ensure that only the best reaches your home, we take extra care to maintain its standard. Right from procurement of raw materials to processing and finishing, every step is guided by our determination to maintain quality.
  • Timely delivery – any product, however good that may be, is of little significance or use if it fails to reach you within the deadline. We understand the importance of schedule and strive to provide the quickest delivery of tensile fabric structure of your choice, without compromising on its quality and quantity.
  • Assistance in installation and maintenance – our association doesn’t ends with us delivering your products to you, it extends to its installation and maintenance as well. To help you make the most out of your tensile fabric structure, we also provide with maintenance techniques to increase their durability.
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What makes aircraft hangars tensile structure so attractive? — December 1, 2017

What makes aircraft hangars tensile structure so attractive?

Aircraft hangar tensile structure? Really? It could be surprising, we know, but it’s not rare. A fun fact: tensile materials were first invented to be used as coatings for aerospace items. So it must not come as a shock that tensile structures are being used in the construction of aircraft hangers. If you have been thinking that how can a flexible, lightweight and elastic material turn as a shed for aero planes, you have been getting it all wrong. In this brief blog we will explain why. We will also list out some of the properties of tensile structure that makes them fit to be used as cover for this huge flying machine. Read on.


  • It’s elastic and flexible – but that doesn’t mean its liquid. In fact, elasticity helps a lot in forming new shapes and designs. As you already know, tensile structure is nothing but a combination of curves balanced by a force of tension. The flexibility offered by tensile materials makes their cutting, welding and forming easier.


  • Prefabrication aids quicker installation – imagine that you ordered an aircraft hangar and it was delivered to you within a week. Won’t that be wonderful? A typical brick and mortar structure would at least take a month or two if not longer. Tensile structure, being constructed by prefabrication, makes their completion faster. It’s a process in which a big structure is disintegrated into smaller units and each unit is fabricated simultaneously and at different locations. When they are done, all that you have to do is bring them back to the destination and assemble them together. It’s that easy.


  • Durability is its plus point – an average tensile structure can easily last for at least 10-15 years thanks to their exceptional resistance to weather elements, chemical reactions etc. Some like ETFE are resilient to UV rays as well. If maintained properly, they can last even longer. A good value of your money, don’t you think?


  • Strong and beautiful – many of the tensile materials possess a very high ultimate tensile strength and elongation at breakage. Furthermore, they can be easily be manufactured in multitude of colors and elegant designs. All this qualities don’t just make them very attractive but also valuable.


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4 Benefits of Swimming Pool Tensile Cover — November 29, 2017

4 Benefits of Swimming Pool Tensile Cover

Do you own a swimming pool? Do you like paddling up and down your pool under the shade from the sun? Have you heard about swimming pool tensile cover? Yes? No? No problem. We are here to help you out. While it’s true that not all of us are blessed with a sprawling swimming pool in our backyard, some among us, who indeed are, find it utterly useless when the sun goes overhead. Is the scourge of summer sun keeping you out? If it is, it’s about to change.

It is particularly very difficult to construct a swimming pool cover made from brick concrete, courtesy huge cost and much time involved. But it’s not time to lose your hope yet. With swimming pool tensile cover, you can solve this twin problem of cost and time with one stroke, along with getting a lot of benefits. In this blog, we will list out at least 4 advantages of using a tensile cover over your swimming pool. Read on.


  • At a fraction of cost and time – it is a well-known fact that tensile structures cost a fraction and take a lot less time in fabrication and installation when compared to a conventional structure. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend a lot on a structure as insignificant as a swimming pool cover. It’s precisely the reason why very few have their pools covered and it’s also the reason why you are searching for a tensile cover.
  • Cool and beautiful – tensile materials (used in fabrication of tensile structure) being elastic and flexible can be wrought into different shapes and designs. They are also very amenable to decoration. All this features provides swimming pool tensile covers with a far better look and appeal.
  • Longevity – many of the raw materials viz. polymers, fibers etc. display a marked ability to resist the impact and weather elements. Some like ETFE are known for their excellent UV resistance. Few like TiO2 coated PTFE are flame retardant as well and some others like PVC are inert to chemical attacks. All this go a long way in increasing the durability of swimming pool tensile covers. An average tensile structure can easily last for at least 15-20 years.
  • Light transmission–Tensile materials are known for their exceptional light transmission capabilities. Most of them allow lights to pass through them easily. This is not just helpful in reducing your daylight lighting bills but also crucial for aesthetic lightings during nights.


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What is the difference between – a patio, deck, pergola and gazebo? — November 27, 2017

What is the difference between – a patio, deck, pergola and gazebo?

Gone are the days when houses used to be a somber assemble of burnt bricks and dried plasters. With the advent of tensile structures and innovation in building architects, the very design and utility of homes and their adjoining outdoor spaces are witnessing a sea change. With the introduction of new structures like patio, deck, gazebo and pergola, the landscape of simple home has changed forever. But many a times, we find it difficult to differentiate between these terms. Through this blog, we will try to make their meanings a little more clear.


Patio – derived by the Spanish word Patio, which means the courtyard of the house or building. But the English term is different from the courtyard because unlike them, a patio need not be surrounded by walls. There can be different types of patio designs patio umbrella like detached patio, wraparound patio, entry patio etc. They can be made from different materials like concrete, pavers, flagstone, rock etc. Keeping in mind the surrounding landscape, their designs can be adjusted accordingly.

Deck – Unlike Patios, a deck is mainly made from wood or composite wood materials. If designed properly, they can be as beautiful and useful as any other structure. Like patios, decks can be designed either as a freestanding structure or as an extension of existing building. In any case, it is best suited beside the swimming pool.

Unlike patio and deck, which are meant to act as an extension to your home, Pergola and gazebo are constructed to serve as a place for congregation and relaxation. They are usually constructed over a patio or a deck but can remain independent as well.

Pergola – It is a square or rectangle shaped structure with pillars supporting cross-beams and an open lattice, forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area. They are a common sight in desert climates but are being used increasingly in other places as well. The arrangement of cross beams over a horizontal bar imparts it exceptional strength while serving as supports for creepers and vines.

Gazebo – Unlike pergola, Gazebo is a large circular or octagonal structure designed to serve as a temporary or permanent living space in your garden or backyard. While most of the permanent gazebos are made from wood, they can be made from other materials as well.

To summarize, a gazebo and a pergola differ from each other in three aspects. One, their shape. While the former is mostly octagonal, the latter is mainly square or rectangular. Two, while gazebos have roofs, pergolas have only cross beams and are devoid of roofs. Three, while gazebo is mostly a separate structure, pergola is used to link different structures. But their difference is vanishing quickly. Nowadays you can easily buy an outdoor gazebos tensile structure.



Searching for prefabricated structures? Visit BKF — November 23, 2017

Searching for prefabricated structures? Visit BKF

When was the last time you saw a big bridge being constructed wholly on-site? Maybe long ago. The tedious, often annoying, method of construction has now almost been completely replaced by prefabricated structures. The need to do it quick, sleek and without taking much space has forced people to look for alternative mode of constructions. Prefabrication is one of them. But the use of prefabricated structures in not limited to big bridges only. Nowadays they are being used in small constructions.

Prefabrication is a process in which a big structure is disunited into smaller ones and each unit is manufactured at different locations. Once designed they are transported, either wholly assembled or partially assembled, to its destination. There are many reasons for opting prefabrications. One, it seeks to concentrate similar works together. This avoids the need to shift workers to every location. Second, since different units are manufactured at different places, it helps in overcoming the constraints posed due to space and time. At the end of the day it’s all about saving money and making entire construction process cost-effective.


Feeling tempted to buy one? Don’t know where from? No worries. We will let you know of a place where you can order prefabricated structures of your choice. If it’s the quality and value for money that bothers you then BKF is a place to go. Established in 1998, through their sheer quality and expertise, they have created a niche for themselves in the market for prefabricated structures. With an in-house team of highly skilled professionals, technicians and engineers, they have some of the best minds working in the field of research and manufacturing of prefabricated structures. They also carry out fabrication in aluminum, structural steel and heavy duty fabrications. Their steel frame structures, prefabricated shelters and industrial fabrication is held in high regard by customers and clients alike. Apart from prefabrication, they also engage in manufacture of tensile fabric structure and polycarbonate structures.

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Which Material is Best Suited for Hotel Tensile Structure? — November 20, 2017

Which Material is Best Suited for Hotel Tensile Structure?

Tensile structure for hotel? Yeah! You read that right. As crazy and rare as it may sound, believe me it’s not. Most of the hotels and resorts around the globe are ‘resorting’ to the use of tensile structure to speed up the construction and get it done at a fraction of what a traditional building might cost. Want to build a brand new hotel? Try tensile structure. Want to expand your existing hotel? Want to add few more structures to it? There’s nothing better than tensile structure for hotel.


But how exactly do you make the right choice? Is there a readily available guide to help you out? Yes, there is. You can visit here (Tensile Fabric Structure ‘step-by-step guide to construct a tensile structure’) to learn how to build a tensile structure, step-by-step. To learn more about how to choose the best tensile material for tensile structure. In this blog, we will look at some of the materials that can be used in tensile structure for hotel. In brief.

No lack of options

The list of materials that can be used for fabrication of a tensile membrane is continuously growing. They are mostly polymers, fibers or are derived from them. Each of these materials bring with them their own unique properties. For instance, an ETFE based tensile structure is best known for its resistance to UV and pollutants. It is also a credible option for use in construction of greenhouse structures. Similarly, a PTFE based tensile structure for hotel will possess an exceptionally high tensile strength and resilience to weather elements.


Distinguishable benefits

Tensile structure for hotel must have some inseparable advantages that it must include. Apart from being visually stunning, it must also be well prepared to stand the test of time (at least a decade or two). If they happen to be cost-effective, it’s cherry on the cake. It is well known that a tensile structure can easily provide most of these benefits and more, if designed accordingly and properly.


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Searching for a new roof? Go for polycarbonate roofing structures — November 6, 2017

Searching for a new roof? Go for polycarbonate roofing structures

When it comes to covering your head with a roof, many options come to the mind. They could be concrete roofs, metal roofs, corrugated roofs, plastic roofs or they could be polycarbonate roofs. Surprised at the inclusion of the last word? You need not. Made from polymers these polycarbonate roofing structures are not just easy and quick to install but also provide amazing aesthetics.


Polycarbonates start their journey from distillation of hydrocarbons which breaks them into fractions. These fractions are made to undergo various chemical processes like polymerization to manufacture polycarbonates. These are amorphous thermoplastics possessing varied degree of translucency. This property is of great value while designing colorful roof sheds. The introduction of polymer fibers makes polycarbonates tough and durable. Polycarbonate roofing structures are mostly used in industries and commercial spaces. The sheer span of such structures makes it a tad costlier to construct concrete or metal covers.

When it comes to stability and insulation from extreme weather, polycarbonates are second to none. Metal or corrugated roofs can make the entire indoor area too hot or too cold depending on the weather. Plastic roofs on the other hand are rarely used in very hot climates. Though they too are durable, it depends heavily on grade of plastic used which in turn leads to higher cost. Poly roofs on other hand are great worth for your money. Apart from these two characteristics, they also exhibit unrivaled durability, strength, cost effectiveness, wide variety, transparency and aesthetics. They are also easy and cheaper to maintain than others. Their cleaning can be done just by flushing a pool of water over them or by installing an automatic cleaner like the ones used in solar panels.

Enticed? Want to buy one for your own roof? You need not go very far. Companies like BKF are known for their fine quality tensile structure. Visit one of those and get the best value of your hard earned money.


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Retractable tensile structure roofs: Need, design and benefit — November 2, 2017

Retractable tensile structure roofs: Need, design and benefit

You went to watch your favorite match and the rain ruined the play. Wouldn’t you be frustrated? I would be if I were you. It seems a bit unfair. You took all the trouble to go and watch the game but the rains played spoilsport. It might have been one such instance that prompted the invention of retractable tensile structure roofs. As the name suggests, they can be opened and closed at will unlike the traditional concrete slabs that just stays there. Originally designed to ward off rains over a sporting arena, they soon widened in use and found their place in common homes as well.


More like a sky facing window

When the weather is fine and you feel like peeking out, is it not a smart conception to have your roof designed in such a way that it can be opened and closed at your will? Retractable roof structure does exactly that. Made from flexible materials like plastics, fibers and their derivatives like nylon, vinyl etc. the roofs are designed to exceptionally flexible in operation. They can be designed as awnings or as sheds. In any case they behave like screens over windows allowing sunlight to pass as per your need.

Design and benefits

There’s no dearth of variety, when it comes to designing a retractable tensile structure roof. While many prefer to go with usual standard designs, many customers look to improvise. After all what good is an innovation if it can’t satiate your thirst for customization? But it’s not just design part which is of essence here. These structures are also very rich when it comes to benefits that they bring to a customer. Two of the most important are these. One, they are highly cost effective. Right from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing process, retractable tensile structure always keeps a tight leash on your pocket. Two, easy installation. Just like other tensile structures, they are very easy to install and maintain.

The place to go shopping

It’s not very difficult to find vendors who engage in the manufacture of retractable tensile structure roofs. What’s difficult is to choose the right one. BKF is one such name that can be trusted to supply and manufacture the best quality tensile fabric structures. Being the market leader they are the natural shopping ground for your retractable roof structures.

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5 facts about aluminum fabrication that will blow your mind! — October 30, 2017

5 facts about aluminum fabrication that will blow your mind!

Aluminum fabrication? Yeah you heard that right. As uncommon it may sound, believe me, it’s not. Most of the commonly used things are either made of aluminum fabrication or are alloys of it. They are everywhere; right from your kitchen knife to the body of the aircraft, from car rimes to high performance vehicles, there’s no escaping them. It’s these degree of demand that attracts many people towards its manufacture and sale but not everyone enjoys the same reputation as BKF does, a company based in Gurgaon that is known all over India for its high quality aluminum fabrications. In this blog you will know about 5 facts that will blow your mind away.


  1. Aluminum is the third widely available metal in earth crust

That very well explains why they are so popular. Being in abundance, people since ancient times have devised ways and means to frame and reframe them according to their need. Of course, the other qualities that it possesses come in handy as well.


  1. Good conductor of heat and electricity (but can be easily altered)

Being a metal, this one won’t come as a surprise. But it’s the ability to get their conductivity controlled or altered is what makes aluminum and aluminum fabrications so widespread. Through a process called Insulation, the thermal conductivity can be checked to a large extent. Also called as thermal break, it is mostly adopted in applications where low heat transfer is wanted such as in windows.


  • Easy to cut and shape

The metal sheets are malleable and can be easily handled. This makes aluminum fabrication hassle free. The possibility to mold them in different shapes also enhances its range of usability by increasing their prospects in manufacture of knives, forks, window shields, car rimes, body of aircrafts etc.


  1. Blends exceedingly well with others

The quintessential family guy! Aluminum has this wonderful characteristic of getting along really well with most metals. This finds use in formation of alloys. The alloys on their part find even wider use than normal aluminum fabrications.


  1. Untouched by magnetic fields

As all of you know, presence of magnetic fields on earth is one of the reasons for it being able to sustain life. But this has its own set of effects, not always conducive, on metals and their applications. Fortunately, aluminum being immune to magnetic fields finds even wider use than iron whose applicability is reduced to some extent due to its ability to get affected by magnetic fields.


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Are You Planning To Cover Your Open Area Space — October 9, 2017

Are You Planning To Cover Your Open Area Space

It is said that Ghar Roz Roz nhi bante, but neither are sheds of your car or coverings of your swimming pool. So once you have decided to invest in their construction, you better invest wisely. There is lot of options when it comes to designing car sheds or roofs but none of them possess the advantage offered by tensile structure. Whether that be Car Parking Tensile Structure or roof covering structure, it’s always prudent to go for tensile fabric structures.


Easy to install, cheaper to maintain, amazing aesthetics, excellent elasticity and durability, resilience to extreme weathers and extraordinary strength are some of the qualities which are on offer when it comes to using tensile structures. Tensile structure by its very definition means one which is held by the force of tension. It involves supporting a fabric made mostly from polymers or polymer coated fiberglass at critical junctions so as to give a distinct curvature as well as span and strength.

BKF group is one such company which offers a huge variety when it comes to Tensile Structure. Not just that, they are also a premier company for manufacture and sale of prefabricated structures like steel frame structure, prefabricated shelter, aluminum and structural steel fabrication; polycarbonate structures like canopy, dome, shed and roofing; and modular tensile structure like auditorium and swimming pool tensile structure, tensile fabric, tensile clamp and retractable tensile structures. Apart from these, they also manufacture outdoor structures like sun sheds walkway structure industrial structures.

Produced in-house by using raw materials sourced from credible vendors, a tight leash is kept on the quality. The dedicated team of designers, technicians and engineers keep a strict eye on the manufacturing process so that set standards are also adhered to. While generally available in conventional shapes, BKF also allows its customers to have their own designs in case they want that. This small gesture not just alleviates the level of customer satisfaction but also improves their standing in the market.


Visit their website at http://www.tensilefabricstructure.com to know the full range of their products. Alternatively, you can also enquire about it at their outlets in your area if they are available.